Running and Pregnancy Q&A: Intro

"Running when pregnant", "what does it feel like to run when pregnant?", "does the baby feel it when you run?, "dangers of running when pregnant", "how far into pregnancy can you run?", "avoid abdominal separation in pregnancy", "injuries and running through pregnancy". What a barrage of questions! And yet these are just a mere few of the searches you would have found in my google history over the last 9 months. 

Chief Medical Officer NHS advice on exercise in pregnancy

Chief Medical Officer NHS advice on exercise in pregnancy

I should note that I *will not* be offering prescriptive advice about what people should do, I will only be talking about my own 


If I don't cover something that you want to ask, just get in touch via Nothing is too personal or silly. Go for it.

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Part 1

  •  Q. Did you have any problems getting pregnant? I've heard lots of runners do.
  •  Q. What does it feel like running when pregnant?
  •  Q. Can you feel the baby kick while running?
  •  Q. Were you worried about harming the baby?


Part 2 (to follow soon)

  • Q. When did you run until?
  • Q. How far did you run in total while pregnant? Did you worry about max heart rate or distance?
  • Q. I'm fascinated how you’ve kept doing intervals and even long commutes so far into pregnancy. Did you make a conscious effort to do that or has it been easier than others make out?
  • Q. How early into your pregnancy did you notice it was impacting your ability to excercise like normal? Could you tell straight away?
  • Q. Are you scared that you’ll never get back to your PB
  • Q. You've mentioned support belts - what's that about?
  • Q.  Karen says: "Late to the party but always interested! I had to massively reduce my running in order to conceive after 3 years of trying, lots of fertility treatments, and finally after IVF I am thrilled to be a mere 1 month pregnant! How!!?! Too exhausted to do anything currently!!


And other resources:


Msfitrunner -  3 kids 3:41 pr. training for Olympic Trails
runfargirl - see above
Trigirl_For_Kona - 50 Marathons + Kona and a mum
Mcm_runs - Megan. pictures of running through pregnancy
Alysiamontano - Pro USA track runner, famous for competing while pregnant

My pregnant milage:

week commencingmilesweeks pregnantnotes
12/6/1712.43First race while pregnant - Maverick Gloucestershire
19/6/1749.54Sprained my ankle on the Saturday trying to do a trail run with Mr B
10/7/1755.87In Cardiff with work. Feeling very hot.
24/7/1758.29inc. 20 mile long run but couldn't hit pace 8'18/mi
31/7/1741.110inc, Orion forest 5 race
7/8/1780.411tough 18 mile long run after work
14/8/1770.112inc 20 mile long run
21/8/1751.813on holiday - found pace hard. 8'30 av
28/8/1768.214inc 23 mile run av 7'42/mi
11/9/1748.616Harrow Half Marathon 1:32:52 7'06/mi
2/10/1746.319Chester Marathon 3:13:07 on the 8th
23/10/1745.322longest was 9 miles
30/10/1750.323longest was 1o miles
6/11/1742.224longest was 12 miles with intervals. Felt it in the pelvis after. Time to cut back.
13/11/1721.225longest was 6.5
20/11/1720.726longest was 5.7
27/11/1720.227longest was 5
4/12/1723.128longest was 5.4
11/12/1722.329longest was 6
18/12/172730longest was 4.7
25/12/1715.831longest was 6.3
1/1/1826.132longest was 5
8/1/1820.533longest was 5
15/1/1820.334longest was 6
22/1/1820.235longest was 6.3
29/1/1820.536longest was 5.2
5/2/188.237longest was 5 on the night my waters broke. oops
total mileage 1294