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Orion Forest Five #2: ELVIS series race, 6th Aug 2016

The last of the 3-part series of Orion Harriers Forest Five races took place on 6th August. This race was part of ELVIS league. ELVIS is the East London FiVe Interclub Series and currently consists of 7 local races each of either 5k or 5 miles. So, if last time was club-vest heavy, this one was a whole other level. All the clubs had big flags up and there were double the number of entrants (just under 300). 

It was the end of a double race week for me in which I'd PB'd by a minute in the 10k and done 30miles across the NDW the weekend before. BUT my sister and her kids were visiting so Aunty Gill was fired up and determined to do them proud

This time it was pretty hot there were no boggy patches and I'm sure there was more uphill than last time. 

I decided I wanted to try and get in the lead as soon as possible as I didn't know how the week would have affected me. I thought I was up front but eventually caught the lead lady at about 1.5miles. Sadly the lady who I ran with last time was unable to run but she did very kindly cheer me on from her marshalling position - how cool! 

I didn't race nearly as smart this time and I let a few guys pass me over the final mile when really I should have kicked but I couldn't quite get it going. Something to learn from there about just hanging on the the back of people.

I had hoped to triumphantly cross the finish line high fiving my niece and nephew but they were having none of it. I was far too sweaty and gross!  Still, I came home 1st female (33 OA out of 282) in a faster time than the previous race so I was pleased. More importantly though I felt like I'd given it a fairly decent showing and proved I can keep going even after a heavy patch.

You can see the full results from the series here. Next year I hope to do all three.

Training Log: 27th June - 3rd July 2016

Training Log: 27th June - 3rd July 2016

Well, one of my challenges to myself this year is complete. 100miles run in the space of a week and nothing broken or injured in the process. Oh, and a race at the end of it. Love this stuff. I still have no idea how you can do that mileage in one day though. I shall find out sometime, but that's a challenge for another day. In the meantime, here's my week...