Training: 16th - 22nd May 2016

Getting back to the big mileage (75.1). I love being able to move around under my own steam. I know sometimes double runs might not be a good idea but I'm being honest about how much I'm doing and trying to be sensible about fuelling too. Next week I start a strength block and BenFP has warned me that a) there's less running to allow for it and b) it might hurt! 

Went to see Night of the 10000 PBS last night. What inspiring ladies! Had a very tongue-in cheek conversation about me running there next year (my lack of speed over short distances is still a standing joke at track and with Ben)

Jess Andrews is off to Rio

Jess Andrews is off to Rio

Monday 16th - Easy RunCommute

Also ran back again as well. Was having fun in the morning so rounded up to 10. 

Av Pace: 7'35/mi 171 bpm + 8'15/mi 146bpm

Miles: 10.3 + 7.1

Tuesday 17th -Track session

Because people are training for the Amba Hotels City of London Mile we were doing 10 x 400m with 1mins rest. Our group were aiming for 1:25 per 400m though some were nearer 1:20. I couldn't hang on for the last one and was way behind the pack for number 10 in 1:30. This though is exactly why track is good for me, because you'd never catch be hitting that pace on my own at all (see Saturday for proof). I also ran to track which ended up being 12 miles. Ok this might not have been wise but since I'm not doing the mile race I think it's not unreasonable to think that learning to get some speed out of tired legs is a good thing. 

Av pace: Run to track: 8'12/mi 141 bpm. Track = varied (see above) HR didn't work

Miles: about 14 in total

Weds 18th - Easy RunCommute

Despite feeling much fresher after track than last week the pace was slower on purpose. Taking the easy runs easy.

Av pace: 8'01/mi

Miles: 7.3

Thurs 19th - Run to work with 3x 8mins at Threshold with 90s recovery

I had said to myself that I was going to try hard on this one but I'm still not convinced that the last block can be right when it says 6'16 pace. I can'f find any GPS errors though. Interesting that HR appears to be staying lower at the moment. I normally hit 200bpm as soon as I try anything with effort.


W/u = 8'02" /mile 144 bpm, 

Threshold blocks: 1 = 6'37" /mile 165 bpm, 2= 6'37" /mile 163 bpm 3= 6'16" /mile(!)  159 bpm (seems wrong but can't find a GPS error) 

CD = 7'51" /mile 150 bpm 

+run home which didn't register properly on watch

Distance: 17 miles

Friday 20th - Rest day but did beigel run as "active recovery" aka FOMO!

Pace: 8'38/mi 136bpm

Miles: 7

Saturday 14th - Kenyan Fartlek - 5 mins warmup, 20x 1min hard, 1 min easy (hard should start at 80% and finish at 95%) 5 min cool down

Really enjoyed this except I did get 15mins into the fartlek and think I only had 5 mins more and then remembered that it was 40mins worth (you can see it in no.8 below). Did the cool down as parkrun because I met the Mr there. I really wanted to bust a gut on this. I think I wasn't quite there with the effort level for most of them and my "easy" was too easy but I like the fact that the effort chunks are short enough to go all out (in theory). Hoping to do more of these.


Miles: 8.8

Sunday 15th - rest

Training: 9-15th May 2016

The first week back to something close to normality. Hot, humid weather was a factor and the first track session in ages. Overall I think it was positive as I stuck with the plan (would have sacked off Friday's threshold if I didn't have it on there!) and learned about running on tired legs. After track they ached more than after any of my races! This weekend I'm planning future adventures.


Monday 9th - Easy RunCommute

Also ran back again as well. May or may not have been wise. Muggy and warm. Finding the breathing a bit hard. Probably still recovering a bit, or the heat...I hope!

Av Pace: 7'53/mi + 8'06/mi-ish

Miles: 8.2 + 8.2

Tuesday 10th -Track session


2x1200 (1:45 per 400), 3x 800 (1:30-1:35),4x400 (1:22-1:25), 5x200 at 38-40s (2 min recovery between all) Was rather nervous going back to track and genuinely unsure what would happen.  and really didn't think I could handle this as still feeling a bit lead legged. However, I REALLY enjoyed this and kept up except for the 200s... obviously. This was a brilliant session for three reasons - 1) I would never do this on my own as I hate short bursts 2) It gave me a big adrenaline rush and got me excited again 3)it broke it was useful if painful later on to make me run on tired legs and must have been an effort.

Av pace: varied

Miles: 6.5

Weds 11th - Easy (!) RunCommute

Was so ready to get up and run this morning. Slow and a bit creaky after last night but loved it. By the afternoon though my quads were on fire!

Av pace: 7'35/mi

Miles: 8.2

Thurs 12th - rest day

Started the day with a possible plan to run home. As legs seized up during the day this became less and less likely. I didn't.

Friday 13th - to include 3x6mins at threshold off 90s recovery

I did this on the way to Beigel Run. Given the way my quads were I was pretty worried about how this was going to go and not really looking forward to it, but it's probably the run I learned most from this week.  The times are not hugely reliable as there were lots of road crossings so had extra mini recoveries and got a bit lost on the last one! 


Pace: 10min warmup = 7'46, 6min averages 1 = 6'31, 2= 6'43, 3 = 7' 04 + beigel run

Miles: 10.8

Saturday 14th - 60mins easy.

Visiting my sister and her family, so this was a done as bit of ParkRun tourism with Mr B - run to Reading ParkRun, ParkRun, run back. Parkrun was 20:41, 2nd lady. 

Pace: 7'22/mi, 6'49/mi, 7'41/mi


Sunday 15th - rest