Training Log: 18th - 24th March - (Wk 48 #WeGoAgain)

Monday 18th- 45 minutes Easy Run
Did a Runcommute so this was longer- needs must! MiniB didn't sleep well last night. I've got a cough... it's all in my head. I refuse to accept anything else!

8.11mi, 1:04:51, 8:00/mi.

Tuesday 19th - Run Club - run to track + 8x 800 off 90s
Wasn't feeling it for some reason. I did enjoy it while I was there but I just couldn't get my head or legs going. Reps were: 2:59 2:58 2:59 2:59 2:59 2:59 3:01, 3:01

Wednesday 20th - Rest Day
It’s weird that rest days are a relief now. Only from the logistics point of view.

Thursday 21st - 15 minutes Easy, 15 minutes Threshold, 15 minutes Easy
Didn’t feel super easy but fine. Did some off road stuff. Throat still a bit weird but ok.

Friday 22nd - Rest day and travel to Limassol!
Sub par nights sleep but lots of chilling on the flight. Have been eating all the vitamins this week.

Saturday 23rd - 20 minutes Easy Run + Strides
Done along the seafront. It’s hot. It’s lovely, but it’s hot! Great people around Quite excited but nervous. Not sure whether to wear my shiny new Birthday present Nike 4% shoes… hmm…. Gemma says to just throw everything at it and see what sticks. I think I will

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A morning shakeout with @gemma_hockett Lovely to meet @slywendy @sylviakerambrum @runningshoesguru and have breakfast next to @susie_chan_ and @spontaneousplan Now... Down to business: OK insta-land, in the interests of full disclosure... I'm running @limassolmarathon this Sunday (in case you hadn't noticed 😂 #gifted ) . After a pow wow with coach Ben we've decided I'm going to try for sub three. There I said it. Because we all know that as much as I'd like to think I can chill out and run for fun, actually my mind likes to have a challenge and I'd just be annoyed if I didn't try. So heck, let's be honest about this. Ok I'll probably be miffed if I don't get it but in my saner moments I do know that life isn't all about my abritray goals, they won't complete me or validate me, but yeah, hands up, I do feel good when they work out. London is my A race but since a) the organisers of this race are so lovely and b) I've had pretty much a full training cycle (albeit a very different one to pre-miniB) and c) Mr B and mini B have facilitated my return to running and the impact that has on our lives, I don't want just run it for fun, lovely as that may well be. It seems a waste and and heck, I love marathons. The question was always going to hard? A solid workout effort to build to London or go for it and see what happens? Up until a few weeks ago I was feeling belligerently confident and wanting to go all-in and see what happened. Then I got ill just before my last big training week and while I got back to it, I've had a couple of stinkers this last week during taper and I've got a weird little cough. But I don't want to 'sandbag' or give myself excuses before I even begin. If I'm honest, I really want to get a sub-3 under my belt again, to show that I still can. After all, the last one was 2016 so its been a while. So.. Let's see what happens shall we? As @rushbynature says.. Why wait until you're ready? Why not just try? #runlimassol #marathon #runwithasmile #ukrunchat #runner

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Sunday 24th - Limassol Marathon

Job done! Splits below. Write up later. 20c, felt in control almost all of the way. Feels a bit bruised under foot after. VERY happy. What a confidence boost. Thanks Limassol

SplitsCumulative TimeElev GainElev LossAvg Moving PaceAvg HRAvg Run CadenceAvg Stride Length
 Chip time 2:58:52      
 4th female