Training Log: July 9th - 22nd 2018 (Wk 11 &12 #WeGoAgain)

Sorry - got behind.... this is going to a be brief and to the point to catch up on the training log.

Mon 9th - 45 minutes Recovery Run + 15 minutes Conditioning
Didn't do either of these things as had a very bad night with Mini B and Mr B was out early until late.

Tues 10th - (added AM easy 45 to catch up on yesterday) , PM Harrow AC Track Session
AM 6.01mi 50:02 8:19/mi (140bpm?? not sure)
PM:3x3 700 off 75 and 3mins 2:33, 2:30, 2:30 // 2:31, 2:33, 2:32 // 2:32, 2:33, 2:34

Weds 11th - 30 minutes Recovery Run + Stretch
Sleep was only in 2 hr chunks max. Did 15 mins conditioning from Monday & had to do the 30min run with buggy as no childcare cover!
Stats: 4.16mi, 35:32, 8:32/mi 140bpm

Thurs 12th - Swim // 20 minutes Conditioning Work
Did 30 min conditioning

Fri 13th - 45 minutes Steady Undulating Run, include 1,2,3,2,1 minutes at 90% with a 60 second jog recovery in the middle
This is when I slightly regret my conversation with BenFP a few weeks ago where I said that I thought I needed to work on hills. It's good though as I'd normally avoid them so I need to have them locked into the plan. That said, I didn't do a good job of the parent/child/run organisation this morning and left the Mr with a child who screamed as soon as I left and he couldn't get ready for work. Gah.
Stats:6.02mi, 47:47, 7:56/mi 

Sat 14th - 80 minutes Easy Long Run
Was up north with family. Did 30mins on my own then 50 mins with steve and monty in buggy, talking half each for pushing. Was so nice to all run together and enjoy the sunshine.
Solo = 3.8mi, 7'54, 00:30 158bpm
With Mini and Mr B = 5.7mi, 8'21, 00:47:00 162bpm

Sun 15th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work
Did the swiss ball session +15 mins pelvic floor and core stuff

Weekly mileage: 31.4

Mon 16th - 30 minutes Recovery Run + 15 minutes Conditioning
4.03mi, 32:19, 8:01/mi 146bpm + actually did conditioning

Tues 17th - Harrow AC Track Session
Track wa 3 x 800, 400, 800 off 75s and 3 min between sets
2:50,1:21,2:50 //
(target of 2:55 and 1:25)

Weds 18th - Swim // 20 minutes Conditioning Work
Actually did a littl 30mins easy in the AM and then conditioning PM
.70mi, 27:52, 7:31/mi, 145bpm + 20mins conditioning

Thurs 19th - 30 minutes Easy Run
Lunchtime did 30mins swim with some hard effort lengths & PM did church running event - leading 7k run which was ace but very stop start, so the time noted is moving time.
41:00, 4.5 miles

Friday 20th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 8 minutes Kenyan Hills with a 90 second recovery between sets, 10 minutes Cool Down
58:00  7.1miles, 

Sat 21st - 60 minutes Easy Run (just shorter because we’ll running 3 days in a row)
9.07mi, 1:11:17, 7:51/mi

Sun 22nd - 30 minutes Conditioning Work
Did Swiss ball session

Weekly mileage: 33.6