Training Log: July 23rd July - 5th Aug 2018 (Wk 13 &14 #WeGoAgain)

Monday 23rd - 45 minutes Recovery Run + 15 minutes Conditioning
Did the conditioning too. Lunges, step ups plank etc
Stats: 6.40mi , 51:29, 8:03/mi, 143bpm.

Tues 24th - Club Session - 4 x (900,500 off 75s) off 3 mins
The goal I set myself was 3:16 for 900s 1:46 for 500s. Couldn't quite hack it on on the 900s and held on *just* for the 500s
Actual: 3:22, 1:44 3:15, 1:47, 3:20, 1:46 3:20, 1:46

Weds 25th - Swim // 20 minutes Conditioning Work
Did conditioning + did an easy 30 in the evening
Stats: 4.14mi, 30:59, 7:29/mi 149 bpm

Thurs 26th - 40 minutes Easy Run
Stats: 6.20mi, 49:44, 8:01/mi, 147bpm

Fri 27th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 8 minutes at Threshold effort over undulating terrain with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Stats overall: 7.99mi, 1:01:20, 7:40/mi
Threshold sections: 1=6'30 163bpm 2= 6'41 170bpm 3= 6'45 171bpm

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 20.52.32.png

Sat 28th - 80 minutes Easy Long Run
The need and opportunity to run longer was too much so I went a bit beyond.
Stats: 13.18mi, 1:43:43, 7:52/mi, 142bpm

Sun 29th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work
Did Swiss ball session

Total Mileage: 43.1

Mon 30th - 30 minutes Recovery Run + 15 minutes Conditionig
Very  broken sleep so Run was with buggy late afternoon. forgot to do conditioning

Tues 31st -  BBC 10km Race
Enjoyed that SOOOO much. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't cruising! But it was really nice to be at a race with friends and work hard. Even better, a lady nearly caught me on the last lap so it was a good exercise in digging in and using 'race brain'. Finished in 40:34 as first lady. VERY happy with that.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 20.51.30.png

Weds 1st Swim // 20 minutes Conditioning Work
Did S&c

Thurs 2nd  - Rest Day
Er... so did 30min Swim lunch and then 30mins easy in evening

Friday 3rd - 10 minutes Warm Up, 15 minutes at Threshold, 10 minutes Cool Down
I had in my head all week that this was 15 steady in the middle, not threshold, so I wasn't really feeling it. Totally by own fault for not bringing the mental game

Sat 4th - 75 minutes Easy Run - Include 6 x (1 minute at 90%, 1 minute Easy) in the middle

I ended up going out for longer than I should because the inlaws were around so could be babysitters and I wanted to make the most of it. I   totally forgot the 6x1 min - will do on Monday

Sun 5th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work
id swiss ball stuff

Total mileage: 37.9