Training Log: 27th Aug - 9th Sept 2018 (Wk 18 + 19 #WeGoAgain)

Mon 27th - 30min recovery run + 15mins conditioning
Did the run… managed 15mins conditioning
Stats: 43:51, 5.96 miles

Tuesday 28th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 8 minutes at Threshold Effort, 2 minutes Recovery, 4 x 2 minutes at 10k pace with a 60 second recovery, 8 minutes Threshold, 10 minutes Cool Down
We were away on holiday in Norfolk and the small boy slept really badly so I wasn’t holding out much hope for this but it turned out to be a total joy and some surprisingly good splits.
1hr, 8.35 miles
Threshold 1 = 6'14/mi 10k = 5'36, 6'01, 5'48, 5'53, Threshold 2 = 6'12/mi

Weds 29th - Rest day
Actually did

Thurs 30th - 30 minutes Recovery Run + 15 minutes Conditioning
We were travelling home so I didn’t do the conditioning. I just hadn’t got the time / mental fortitude that day. I did however get to run with a friend of Steve’s aunt! She’s talked to each of us about each other as we’re both running nuts so I got to meet Rachael and got for a run with her.

Stats: 5.5mi, 46:47, 8'29/mi, 147bpm

Fri 31st - 10 minutes Warm Up, 5,7,9,7,5 minutes at Threshold with a 2minute recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
1:07:40, 9.11 miles
5= 6'06/mi, 152bom // 7=6'16/Mi, 159bpm // 9= 6'20/mi 152bpm // 7=6'28/mi, 149bpm // 5=6'18/mi, 149bpm

Sat 1st - 135 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run
19.2 miles, 2:28:37', 7'42/mi,150bpm

Sun 2nd - 30 minutes Conditioning Work
Did the swiss ball session

Total Miles: 48.2

Mon 3rd 30 minutes Recovery Run + 15 minutes Conditioning
Done on the treadmill - carried on until I’d finished watching Bakeoff
Stats:6.20mi, 48:47, 7:52/mi, 149bpm

Mother Runner

Tues 4th - Track
3 sets of 3x700m off 75s with 3 mins recovery. More consistent than last time we did the session but no faster - just didn’t fade.

Weds 5th - Rest
Did the S&C I missed from Monday and also did a bit of buggy running to and from the park
2.53mi + 4.03 Mi

Thurs 6th - 60 mins easy
Didn’t quite pan out - Mr B and I had planned to do the run with MiniB in the buggy to get him used to it some more before Harrow half but the small boy complained part way around so we had to pause, then restart and then cut short and get him home to bed.
3.93mi, 33:54, 8:36/mi
2.05mi, 16:24, 7:59/m

Fri 7th - Swim / 20 mins conditioning
Did my S&C like a good girl! Also did another mini-buggy run as the small boy actually slept through the night after the last one even though he complained in the middle.
Stats: 2.17 miles, 17:50, 8’11

Sat 8th - 90 minutes Long Run - Pick up last 20 minutes to Half Marathon Pace
Ran to park run with Mr B and Mini B in buggy and did park run easy, ran home with them and then carried on to do the HMP section. I hit 6’40 as agreed with Ben but I’ll admit it felt like more than HM effort by the end.
Part 1 = 9.03mi , 1:10:27, 7:48/mi
Part 2 = 3.06mi , 20:20, 6:38/mi

Sun 9th - 30 mins conditioning
Did Swiss ball routine

Total miles: 38.5