Training Log: 10th Sept - 23rd Sept 2018 (Wk 20 + 21 #WeGoAgain)

Mon 10th -30 minutes Recovery Run + 15 minutes Conditioning
For once I actually the Monday conditioning session and did the run on the treadmill
Stats: 4.04mi, 35:02 pace?? messed up watch

Tues 11th - Track
Decided to try out Highgate Harriers’ session as they might be more accessible once I get back to work. It was nerve wracking going to a different club and not easy to find the right people but once I did they were friendly. It was a big group and apparently that’s their low season. The session was 12x400 off strict 75s (or less) recovery. I was told to do 10 because I was new and had the harrow half marathon coming up. I’m pleased with what I achieved.
Stats - per 400m: 1:25, 1:21,1:22,1:22, 1:21,1:21,1:20, 1:20,1:22,1:23

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Before and after photo. It might seem like if you’ve run for years and done many track sessions (which is weird in itself - still feel like a newbie) it would be easy to visit another one, but no. I still found it daunting visiting a new club’s session - what if I can keep up? Will I be totally out of my depth? What if no one talks to me? So, this is me before and after a visit to @highgateharriers_ #tracktuesday session. 10x 400 off strict 75s recoveries 1:25, 1:21,1:22,1:22, 1:21,1:21,1:20, 1:20,1:22,1:23 (full set was 12 but the coach said do 10 for all the newbies and it looks like that was about right!). There was a LOT more runners there than a standard Harrow AC night which was another scary factor - and apparently it was a quiet week. So, why did I cheat on Harrow (and yes I felt guilty). Well, when I go back to work I’ll be passing the Highgate track on my way home and it would enable me to get home sooner. I don’t want to miss the Harrow crew really but I also need to be realistic about how best to use my time for the benefit of MiniB and Mr B. So this might be an option. I’ll chat to boss-man @bennyfp and see what he thinks is best. •• • • #blandontherun #WeGoAgain #thelongroadback #fullpotential #run #running #runner #worlderunners #track #thismumruns #runningheroes #womensrunninguk #highgateharriers #instarunners #ukrunchat #motherrunner #igrunners #runnerscommunity #marathon #womensrunning #YourRuns #christiansinsport #runhappy #runitfast #runnersofinstagram #runmummyrun #teamrealbuzz #werunfar #motherrunnerchat 🏃‍♂️road to @harrowhalf , @limassolmarathon @londonmarathon

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Weds 12th - Rest
and I did

Thurs 13th - Swim / 20mins conditioning
I was hoping to swim but Mini B napped over the window for swimming so I did S&C instead

Fri 14th - Rest
Went swimming!

Sat 15th - 20mins easy run + strides
Stats: 3.30mi, 24:03 , 7:16/mi

Sun 16th - Harrow Half Marathon

Thought I had 6’45 pace but just couldn’t hold it after 6.5 miles. It wasn’t horrid, I just didn’t have it. MOST excitingly though, Mr B stormed it with the buggy and ran 1:44:45. He did awesome and MiniB happily slept through it. Go team!

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Sunday was @harrowhalf - 1:33 last year at 16 weeks pregnant.... what would this year hold? 1:30:05 and second lady was the answer. It seems cheeky to be slightly disappointed in the time but given the way some of my effort workouts had been going I wondered, just wondered, if I could pull something a bit surprising out of the bag. As it happened I couldn’t. It wasn’t awful... it just wasn’t ... I dunno, it just didn’t happen somehow in the second half. BUT as this photo hopefully shows (though I’m good at spotting a camera too) I had a blast and it was fun with @sasha_birkin and me keeping it a close race until she showed her quality on the final hill. I demand a rematch next year with @ashelucy in the mix too please! Far from being in a post Boston-Esque grump , I’m just fired up to get out there and train hard. I’m having to sit on my hands this week to stick to the plan and not just run lots. As a wise man said... Rome wasn’t re-built in a day (@bennyfp has his motivational quotes DOWN) but joking aside, he’s right of course. My body has done amazing things in the last year and given me an amazing gift, so in my saner moments I remember to be thankful, be sensible and know that it will come, and even if it doesn’t, I still love it! It’s not always right to rush back, I’ve been very lucky so far and I shouldn’t take it for granted and I also want to enjoy this time. But we all know I’m a competitive soul at heart and MiniB will see his mum do her thing, BRING IT. Or, for fellow West Wing fans “what’s next?” •• • • #blandontherun #WeGoAgain #thelongroadback #fullpotential #run #running #runner #worlderunners #runplanet #runonclouds #runningheroes #womensrunninguk #prodirectrunning #instarunners #ukrunchat #motherrunner #igrunners #runnerscommunity #marathon #womensrunning #YourRuns #christiansinsport #runhappy #runitfast #runnersofinstagram #runmummyrun #teamrealbuzz #werunfar #motherrunnerchat 🏃‍♂️road to , @limassolmarathon @londonmarathon

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Stats: 3.06mi, 1:30:12 , 6:54/mi, 158bpm 2nd lady (8s behind 1st)

Total Miles: 24.7

Mon 17th - 30 Mins Conditioning

Tues 18th - Track, but take it easy
4x (900,500 off 75s) 3 mins between sets.
Some rather comedy splits… I miantain that a) the first one was a wam up and b) I was actually working quite hard…hmm

1 = 3’44, 1’47
2= 3’25, 1’41
3= 3’25, 1’49
4 = 3’25, 1’47

Wed 19th - Rest

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Took MiniB to MrB’s work so he could drive him home for tea, bath and bed while I did an elongated run home : 130mins with middle 80 at marathon pace. 18 miles. The aim was to try and hit 7’10 and see what happened. This was going to be as much a mental test as a physical one. I found myself happily slipping into old mental tricks that I play with myself on log runs and at times just daydreaming and still managing to hit pace. BUT it’s not all easy-peasey! When I’d got to the end of the required section it was like my brain and legs checked out and suddenly couldn’t do that pace any more. Shows how much of it is mental-game ... or @bennfp is a genius and knows my current limits perfectly. I’m currently stuck to the sofa as I haven’t ached this much after a run in a LONG time and I got a bit of a funny stomach and headache after I got home. A reminder that I need to train this new body in how to do all of this and figure out what peripheral changes there are •• • • #blandontherun #WeGoAgain #thelongroadback #fullpotential #run #running #runner #worlderunners #runplanet #runchat #runningheroes #womensrunninguk #nevernotrunning #instarunners #ukrunchat #motherrunner #igrunners #runnerscommunity #marathon #womensrunning #YourRuns #christiansinsport #runhappy #runitfast #runnersofinstagram #runmummyrun #teamrealbuzz #werunfar #motherrunnerchat 🏃‍♂️road to @harrowhalf , @limassolmarathon @londonmarathon

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Thurs 20th - Swim // 20 minutes Conditioning Work
Did conditioning and went for a very very little run as I needed headspace
Stats: 2.26mi, 16:41 , 7:21/mi

Fri 21st - 130 minute Long Run; Pick up middle 80 minutes to Marathon Pace
Long run on a Friday because it was the Southern Athletics road relay race on Sunday and I was in the women’s team. Ben suggested 7’10 as my aim for marathon pace and happily I managed it! Hurrah! It felt good too. I felt like a total wreck once I’d stopped though - so achey and dehydrated. Really gotta retrain this body.
Stats: 18.17mi, 02:10:18, 7:10/mi

Sat 22nd - Rest

Sun 23rd - SEAA Road Relays at Crystal Palace
Ran the 1st leg of the 4 leg race. 4.8k each around the outside of Crystal Palace stadium. I ran 18:58 and we cam 25th. The ladies were amazingly committed and battled all sorts of issues and transport problems to get there.

Total Miles: 27.7

SEAA Road Relays Crystal Palace Harrow AC