Training Log: 24th - 30th Sept 2018 (Wk 22 #WeGoAgain)

Mon 24th - 20 mins conditioning
Rubbish night’s sleep (oh a theme! It wasn’t the small boy’s fault though). Really wasn’t feeling it, but managed it

Tuesday 25th - 120 minute Long Run; Pick up middle 60 minutes to Marathon Pace
Done and managed the 7.10 pace again - bit harder than Friday but fine. Felt a lot more sprightly after too. I had been in a grump all day and really didn’t feel like the run in the evening but I’d arranged the logisitics with MrB and didn’t want to cancel. I used headphones for once (I rarely wear them now) so that I wouldn’t talk myself out of it while I was running.
Stats: 16.83mi, 2:00:17 , 7:09/mi

Weds 26th - Rest
I’d hoped to go swimming but it didn’t work out so it was indeed a rest day

Thurs 27th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 8 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Wow, that was so bad it was funny in the end. I though it was feeling like hard work and after the first rep I thought I’d run to feel but actually I think that played against me as if I’d seen a 6’55 I for sure would have run faster and manned up!

Threshold was 6,28, 6’32, 6’38, 6’55!! Eek.

Friday 28th - Swim // 20 minutes Conditioning Work

Neither happened - was meant to go swimming but got cancelled last minute and then had visitors and totally forgot. oops.

Saturday 29th - 25 minutes Easy Warm Up, Windmilers 1/4 Marathon at Marathon Pace, 25 minutes Cool Down

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 21.29.02.png

You know what, I’ve only just realised that I was meant to do the race at marathon pace. I managed 7’02/mi average for the race which was trail and hilly so maybe that’s ok after all. Annoyingly for the second time in a row I got pipped from 1st place by a much stronger runner in the last 1.5k up a hill. Grr. What a lovely race though - great organisation, great cake, lovely weather and I even got to see that there Kate Carter off of The Monday Debrief and be presented my medal by her daughters. I did however manage to totally stack it on my post-race 25mins and have some lovely grazed knees to show for it. ooops.

Sunday30th - S&C

Did 40mins to slightly make up for missing it on Friday

Total Miles: 39.3