Training Log: 22nd Oct - 4th Nov 2018 (Wk 26 &27 #WeGoAgain)

Mon 22nd - Post Marathon Rest Day
Felt good - differently to normal it was the joints that ached rather than the muscles.

Tues 23rd - Easy Swim
Joints felt fine but calves now feel a bit tight. Nothing major though.

Weds 24th - Rest Day
Feeling normal now

Thurs 25th - 20-30mins conditioning
Had family round all day and felt utterly wiped out from socialising and baby wrangling so didn’t do this.

Fri 26th - Easy swim
Had a nasty stomach bug - never normally throw up but did for this one. Guess that’s why I felt wiped out yesterday. Anyway - didn’t swim as a result

Sat 27th - 25mins easy run (actually had intended to run a 5k XC race)


After a huge night’s sleep I felt way way better but Mr B wouldn’t let me run XC (yeah ok, he was right!) so I did an easy 30 and supported the XC runners instead.
00:32:18, 4.1mi, 7’42/mi, 148bpm

Sun 28th - 20-30 mins conditioing
Done (but was tired)

Total miles: 4.1

Mon 29th - 30 mins easy

A furry friend has arrived on our park bench…
Stats: 3.7mi, 7'49/mi 28:55, 133bpm

Screenshot 2018-12-22 at 20.46.47.png

Tues 30th - club session - 10x800 off 75s
Last min change of plan meant I did this aorund the streets at home.
800s= 3'04, 3,05, 3'06, 3'06, 3'11, 3'11, 3'15, 3'11, 3'12, 3'12

Weds 31st - Rest day

Thurs 1st - 30mins + 30mins conditioning
Did swim + have started using the Nike Training Club app on recommendation of coach BenFP. It is indeed good. I did 15 mins strength and 15mins flexibility stuff.

Fri 2nd - 10 minutes Easy, 10 minutes Steady, 10 minutes Easy

Stats: 3.95mi, 29:25 - Run to feel. 7’50/6’50/7’46

Sat 3rd - 60 mins easy
Mr B was ill so I swapped this to Sunday and did 30mins conditioning - 15 strength and 15 flexibitlity.

Sun 4th - 30mins conditioning
Swapped with yesterday so did 60 mins easy that didn’t really feel very easy, though the roast dinner and yorkshire pudding probably didn’t help!
Stats: 7.84mi, 1:02:25, 7:58/mi

Total miles: 23.4