Training Log: 3rd Dec - 16th Dec 2018 (Wk 32 & 33 #WeGoAgain)

Mon 3rd - 40 minutes Easy Run
Runcommute! 8.1 mi, 7:57/mi, 1:04:00 155bpm??

Tue 4th - Club session
Went to highgate harriers for the second time to do 12x400 off 90 s
400 rep : 1:25,1:25,1:23,1:24,1:24, 1:23,1:24,1:24,1:23,1:25, 1:25,1:23

Weds 5th - 20 - 30 minutes Conditioning Work
Did a swiss ball session

Thurs 6th - 45mins easy
Beigelrun! I used to do this every Friday, then it moved to thursday and life and babies made it not possible. It was back for and #adventrunning special and was utterly delightful to do it again and see so many friendly faces, even if it did mean a 5.45am alarm! #runhappy
6.0mi, pace all over the place and kept forgetting to stop/start watch

Screenshot 2018-12-23 at 21.00.58.png

Fri 7th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 8 minutes Kenyan Hills with a 90 second recovery between sets, 10 minutes Cool Down
Hills in my ‘hood. Up and down the inclines of NW9.
I really struggle to guage effort levels on my first hill session after a gap. I don't think I pushed hard enough but then I did feel stodgy the day after!
Stats: 6.5 mi, 8'03/mi overall, 52:48, 136bpm.

Sat 8th - 105 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run
Felt steady but pasce was normal easy pace. Was struggling with motivation so went to wmebley and did loops for quite a while so I didn’t have to think. Got a huge case of the munchies about 30mins in! Came home to a happy delivery of a Harrow AC hat for me and MiniB - Thankyou Elyse Paulson!
Stats: 14.0mi, 7'39/mi ish but the GPS was all over the place, 1:47:09

Screenshot 2018-12-23 at 21.02.07.png

Sun 9th - 30 mins conditioning
Missed this as was shattered and had visitors - will do tomorrow. only 4:40 sleep due to night out and early start!

Total miles: 43

Mon 10th -40 minutes easy
Did my monday run commute. Also did yesterday’s conditioning session bt doing ‘glutes to the max’ with 2x 9kg dumbells at lunchtime.
Stats: 8.1mi, 7:29/mi, 1:01:04, 155bpm

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Monday and Tuesday #runcommute getting me into this week. After being asked to talk to @thetimes about the latest data from @strava which shows that runcommuting is becoming increasingly time efficient due to slow traffic in cities (swipe right), I was feeling inspired to try and beat the 1 hr mark on Monday morning. (No special-ness making me worthy of an interview - just a running geek who can be relied on always to have kit to hand and wax lyrical about running!) Didn’t quite manage it but I did enjoy it and also got to the gym at lunchtime to start the journey back to increased strength. Can’t get to track tonight because Mr B is traveling for work but never fear - @bennyfp is here! Schedule tweaked and I found myself doing 4x7mins threshold off 60s and nudging under an hour on the run into work this morning instead .... and feeling the creak afterwards thanks to that strength session yesterday. Anyone else secretly quite like that post-exercise ache? #weirdo •• • • #blandontherun #WeGoAgain #thelongroadback #fullpotential #run #running #runner #worlderunners #strava #runchat #runningheroes #womensrunninguk #nevernotrunning #instarunners #ukrunchat #motherrunner #igrunners #runnerscommunity #marathon #womensrunning #YourRuns #christiansinsport #runhappy #runitfast #runnersofinstagram #runmummyrun #werunfar #motherrunnerchat 🏃‍♂️road to @limassolmarathon @londonmarathon

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Tue 11th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 7 minutes at Threshold effort with a 60 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down
Done with a very light rucksack as a runcommute
Stats: 7.9mi, 58:31, 7:23/mi av
6:36 153bpm
6:34 154bpm
6:32 155bpm,
6:23 155bpm

Wed 12th - Gym session
Did the 0-100 NTC strength session at home

Thu 13th - 40 mins easy
Was a bit pushed for time
Stats: 5.06mi, 38:25, 7:35/mi

Friday 14th - 45 minutes Steady Run, include 1,2,3,2,1 minutes at 90% with a 60 second jog recovery in the middle
Did this on my lunchbreak. I need to get better at using that block of time.
Stats: 5.06mi, 38:25, 7:35/mi (didn’t record the interval)

Sat 15th - 120mins easy/steady
Legs felt better on the long run this week. Pretty much the same mileage but I guess there were no hills.
Did most of the run and then had to get home so Mr B could go out, but minB was napping so I jumped on the treadmill, thus causing mud to be flung arounf our house.

Stats: 14.63mi, 1:48:54, 7:26/mi + 2.07mi, 16:14, 7:51/mi on treadmill

Sun 16th - 30mins conditioning
Done in 10min bursts between MiniB bedtime requirements

Total miles: 44.1