Training Log: 24th Dec 2018 - 6th Jan 2019 (Wk35 & 36 #WeGoAgain)

Mon 24th  - 60 minutes Easy Run
Tiring day but enjoyed a quick blast in the countryside 
Stats: 7.86mi, 58:42, 7:28/mi"

Tues 25th Rest Day: Happy Christmas (You can run easy if you want to)
Arg  Really wanted to runnbut family commitments and travel didn’t allow

Weds 26th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x 8 minutes with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - Rep 1 = 4, mins at 10k effort, 4 mins at Threshold.
Rep 2 and 3 = 8 mins at Threshold.
Rep 4 = 3 mins at Threshold effort, 5 mins at 10k effort.

Session tweaked for time available as we were packing up at the in-laws and getting ready to head south. I tried to think about making the effort loading similar to the planned workout but in less time so I did:
5min WU,
4min@10k,4min@threshold, 1min recovery (shorter rec)
8min@threshold, 1min recovery (shorter rec + missed second 8min threshold rep)
3min @threshold,5min@10k, 30s recovery (short rec)
run to finish @threshold

1st 8 mins (inc 4 threshold, 4 10k) =6’26
2nd 8 mins (threshold) = 6’24
3rd 8 mins (3 threshold, 5 10k) =6’24
Last bit. 4:20 =6’19"

Thu 27th - Rest Day
Over at my parents in Hertfordshire now. Did 27 mins easy to try the new watch!!

Stats: 3.70mi, 28:00, 7:34/mi

Fri 28th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 8 minutes Kenyan Hills with a 90 second recovery between sets, 10 minutes Cool Down
Done, but didn't manage to get the reps as I was trying out the new watch and failing to set it up properly. I’m the family weirdo running up and down hills before everyone else has had brekkie!

Sat 29th - 120 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run
Only managed an hr due to family commitments at my parents and packing up to go back to London

Stats: 8.0mi, 7'31/mi, 1:00:12

Sun 30th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work  at home
Actually did the other half of Saturday's long run but after that I didn't manage the S&C will do tomorrow. Left foot felt uncomfortable towards the end and then I think by compensating I ended up feeling a bit of pain up my shin when dorsiflexing for the rest of the day and next day.
Stats: 1:06:00,  9.45mi

 Total miles: 41.5

Mon 31st - 45 minutes Easy Run
Had weird pain up front of shin and an achey & slightly painful foot at end of run yesterday so tried to prioritise the conditioning I missed on Sunday over an easy run… except that we were going to friends for NYE and had to leave to travel so only did 10mins extreme core from NTC. That said, the 10 mins were ridiculously hard. Apparently I have no core. I was pretty frustrated which was a bit ridiculous of me.


Tue 1st - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 10 minutes at Threshold effort with a 90 second recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down - Happy New Year

Did this run after getting home from NYE celebrations and staying over at a friend’s house. We hadn’t had much sleep due to  being in the same room as the small boy overnight so I didn’t look at my watch and just went for what I could do on feel. Happily my feet / hips / shin all feel fine.
Stats: 8.1mi, 57:59, Threshold sections were: 6'21 6'43 6'23

Wed 2nd - 30 minutes Recovery Run
Back to work, so this was a runcommute with Lapto. It was actually totally fine with the extra weight. Stats:  8.0 mi, 8'10/mi, 1:06:00

We got sent home early so I snuck in a runcommute home too – hurrah! I am excited that I can do a double day now and not feel wrecked. Getting there slowly.

Stats:  7.7mi, 7'45, 58:16 (actually was 8 mi but phone died so tracking stopped early)

Thur 3rd - Gym Session (or Conditioning at home!)
So I cheekily did a Rucommute in as well – just enjoying them so much at the moment. I felt surprisingly sprightly despite heavy rucksack again and double day yesterday

Stats: 1:00:36, 8.15m, 7'26/mi, 155bpm

30 minStrength session done at lunch:

3 sets of:
12 x Split squats (10kg x2)
10x Low box jump
12 x Glute Bridge (20-22.5kg was easy)
7 x Hop and Stick
12x Deadlift (15kg felt suprrisingly hard!!)
+ russian twists and situps w/ medicine ball

Fri 4th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 10 x 1:30 on (85-90% effort) with 1 minute Easy Jog Recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down

Done with light rucksack as runcommute. Legs were feeling the extra miles and yesterday’s session a bit towards the end but still felt good and enjoyed it.

Stats: 8.00mi, 58:57, 7:22/mi

Sat 5th - 105 minutes Easy / Steady Long Run
Normally I do these before eating but this was slightly fuelled - small brekkie about 2 hrs before. I felt good at start, then quite an effort and then fine at the end. I also felt fine during the day but then got tired that evening so I’m not sure if that was the result of a big week (by current standards) or just one of those days

Sun 6th - 30 minutes Conditioning Work  at home
Did swiss ball session and part of the NTC core blast. I can't do most of the things in it. Yikes

Total miles: 54.2