Training Log: 2nd July - 2018 (Wk 10 #WeGoAgain)

Monday 2nd - 45 minutes Recovery Run + 15 minutes Conditioning
Did this before Mr B went to work and enjoyed the morning sun. I even went off road in the local country park for a little of it. I really should do that more often. I forgot to do conditioning. Will do tomorrow.
5.45mi, 44:25 , 8:09/mi, 148bpm.

Tuesday 3rd - Track_> CHANGED TO to 10 minutes Warm Up, 4 x (5 minutes Threshold, 60 seconds Easy Jog, 60 seconds at 90-92% effort (5k)) with a 2 minutes recovery, 10 minutes Cool Down  + did yesterday's conditioning
It was really warm already by the time I went out at 6:40am. I felt like this was going to be a really nice session but the second interval made me think otherwise. Managed to claw it back a bit! It's hilarious (aka frustrating) how close my threshold level is vs my 90% level. Look at the third rep!
WU = 8'40
5 = 6'12 , 1 = 5'20
5 = 6'30 , 1 = 5'50
5 = 6'03, 1= 6'00  (ha!)
5 = 6'18 , 1 = 5'55
CD = 8'16
59:22 7.87 mi

Wednesday 4th - Swim // 20 minutes Conditioning Work  (+ Did a test run with the running buggy)
Did the conditioning work - the following, 10 reps / 1min and repeat until 30mins overall:
Plank progression
Step Ups
Goblet squat w/4kg
Knee to chest kickback
Dead Bug
Part situp with theraband twist
Glutebridgefallout w/theraband
Hurdle and twist thing from FP vid
Mountain climbers
Standing kickback w/theraband
PSOAS march w/theraband
Clam w/theraband
Eccentric heel raise


Mini B was excited when I sat him in the running buggy so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I stopped at every road crossing and made sure I got a smile. Then he started to look a bit spaced the last time I stopped so I walked form then on, but he just fell asleep. He did wake up as soon as I had my shower though and was full of beans. So, success, I think!
Stats for running buggy: 2.39mi , 21:54, 9:10/mi

Thursday 5th - 10 minutes Warm Up, 3 x 3 x 90 seconds at 5k Pace with a 60 second recovery between reps and a 3 minute recovery between sets, 10 minutes Cool Down (+ I added in a 30min swim)
Another early one before Mr B went to work legs felt pretty tough and hamstrings very tight. Not sure if it was from the buggy run or conditioning or what. I *actually* stretched so it must have been bad! It was already REALLY warm as well.
6.71 miles 54:15
5'50, 5'51, 5'57 // 5'56, 6'11, 5'58 // 6'18, 6'08, 6'10 

Friday 6th - Swim // 20 minutes Conditioning Work
Did conditioning. I was *so* close to not bothering as I was out all day at a very hot sports day and was tired after bad night. But, the completist in me one out and I did the bare minimum 20.

Saturday 7th - 75 minutes Easy Long Run -> CHAGED FROM LAST WEEK TO 60 minutes Easy Run + 5km ParkRun (pick up effort for the ParkRun to Steady / Threshold type)

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 16.38.52.png

I was well up for this all week and thought maybe I could push it at park run, but I was up with MiniB since 5 and felt hungry as soon as I stepped out the door at 8 and was very hot again and just felt like I was struggling even on the pre-parkrun bit. Then I got there and someone mentioned that they had pacers. I knew the guy doing 20min pacing so I thought maybe I'd try and keep a steady distance between me and him. I went off and felt surprisingly good so I thought maybe it was ok after all but I slowed down and the breathing got hard by the 3rd lap and then I got horrible horrible stitch at the end, so much so that I nearly walked just the last 100m. It's weird - normally I only get stitch if I've eaten sweet stuff too close to running. I managed to finish 1st lady and 19th overall but only 21:03, so Mr B still holds the house-record.
Jogging home was hard too. I think maybe I was dehydrated? Anyway, I still finished the morning pooped, but being glad that I'd done it.

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 16.38.26.png

This is something that I heard Des Linden say recently - if you feel rubbish or the workout is rubbish but you finish off being happier that you did it than if you didn't, it's fine. Just keep showing up. If you finish a run thinking "i wish i hadn't done that" then maybe you are overtraining and need a rest.
pre parkrun: 57:24, 6.59mi, 8'47 av 156bpm
+ Parkrun: 3.07mi, 21:03, 6'51/mi 168bpm
+ jog home: 3.01, 27:02, 8'58/mi, 165bpm

Sunday 8th - 30 mins conditioning
Did swiss ball workout as below:

ExerciseSets & RepsRecovery
Swiss ball Glute Bridge15 reps - hold 2 - 3 secondsn/a
Swiss ball plank - arms on ball2 x 60 seconds30 seconds
Swiss ball plank - shins / feet on ballv2 x 60 seconds30 seconds
Push Up, Pike Roll Out2 x 10 Reps30 seconds
Single Leg Glute Bridge2 x 15 each side30 seconds
Swiss ball Jackknife 15 - hold 2 - 3 secondsn/a
Swiss ball crunch30
Swiss ball Russian Twist20
Mountain Climbers20 x 2
Lunge with back foot on Ball2 x 10 reps on each side30 seconds

Total miles: 35.1